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What Solutions Can Be Used to Secure Big Data?

Big data security doesn’t mean big headaches

In the big data age, an unprecedented amount of data points are produced, providing exciting information, better business decisions and more information that gives customers more value in many ways. To achieve these results, organizations need to address them effectively and quickly, and most of the time they will contain sensitive information in a sensitive way to cover all scales.

Unfortunately, many organizations are hesitant to encrypt security and more specifically when it comes to big data solutions; because they are concerned about deploying on scale or blocking analysis tools that make these solutions so valuable.

Big data encryption and key management businesses

Gemalto’s SafeNet data protection solutions portfolio enables customers to secure big data distributions without entering a non-relational (NoSQL) database, such as the Hadoop infrastructure or MongoDB or Couchbase, without going into the analytics tools that make these solutions important.

In addition, Gemalto combines them as much as the ecosystem of all common encryption solutions behind a central encryption key management device.

Hadoop Encryption Solutions

The SafeNet data protection portfolio can secure data from Hive and Hbase in Hadoop architecture to individual nodes in the data lake. Combine transparent application-level security through APIs to protect data without changing the database structure.

  • Select a column-level solution for Hive that allows normal querying
  • Choose a file-level solution with powerful policy-based access controls
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Each Hadoop big data encryption and token solution is completely transparent to the end user and means that they will continue to take advantage of analysis tools that create extra value from growing data stores while maintaining encryption functionality.

NoSQL Database Encryption Solutions

Non-relational or NoSQL databases are versatile database solutions that are well-adapted for a wide variety of data types. They require a different approach to big data security because they create more than traditional database tables by using objects and directories.

Customers can now protect data from any NoSQL database, including leading database providers such as MongoDB, Cassandra, Couchbase, and HBase.

Use the file-system-level encryption solution to secure files, folders, and shares containing files and objects indexed in the NoSQL schema.

Customers combined with policy-based access controls maintain a good level of control despite big data volumes.

Application-level big data encryption or decryption solutions add security directly to the data before it is saved to the NoSQL schema.

While transactions remain transparent for the end user, the database retains the ability to query and deliver data without degrading performance.

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