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What Are The Big Data Security Challenges And What Precautions Can Be Taken?

Big Data Security Challenges

Growing data storage units and increasing data traffic increase the threats to the data security of companies.

As IT processes go into digital transformation data storage becomes a big problem. Companies are also trying to increase data storage.

Why is Big Data security so difficult?

However, data protection is not sufficient to create firewalls and use good passwords. Big Data comes from a variety of sources; including mobile devices, emails, cloud applications, and servers, and the more complex and diverse the data sets are the more difficult it is to protect. The more diverse data collection, the more it takes to protect it.

Approximately 10 percent of IT budgets need to be spent on security improvements, but currently at an average of 8 percent. Ensuring data security can be more difficult because managers cannot understand the importance of the situation and cannot allocate enough budget.

Along with all these security concerns, there is a big gap in the large data skills needed by IT staff. In fact, many problems in Big Data security can be solved with limited resources as long as it is the right human resource. However, many of the IT security jobs are experiencing serious problems due to lack of interest and lack of data specialists. Lack of existing data experts also creates a huge gap in the information of other employees. Some companies do not even regulate access controls in their organization, and some cannot use poor infrastructure and information security techniques.

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Another major failure for data security is the privacy problem

Data privacy can solve data by masking and combining data sets, but these methods are not always effective. To be able to use the customer’s specific information correctly and in the right place, the right products are used which can bring together the data sets and which the expert personnel use.

Applications with good code infrastructure also puts the corporation in a step forward in data security!

Some systems cannot keep up with the changing speed of data mining tactics, while others do not provide effective security in their systems. In developing software infrastructures, careless and unscheduled code heaps can lead to serious security vulnerabilities. The leaks experienced here can cause all data, which are the memory of the institution, to leak out of the institution. For this reason, most platforms need to compensate for the lack of encryption, compliance, risk management and other security issues. When developing software, it should be ensured that secure software methodologies are put in place. The competencies of the developer team should be increased and the problems caused by the developer should be minimized.

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