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Top 9 Best Open Source Big Data Tools

It is not just Hadoop Big Data Tool. Other than Hadoop, there are many open source data platforms.

Big Data Projects

Without mentioning the name of Apache Hadoop, it is not possible to mention Big Data. But Hadoop is a small part of the ever-growing Big Data ecosystem. There are many other Big Data platforms and tools, and most of them are open source.

There is no clear answer to why many of the Big Data projects are open source. Probably, the Hadoop project is the engine of the Big Data project. Hadoop is open source, most of the employees working with Hadoop are also very active in the open source community and the tools they develop are usually open source.

The reason why Big Data projects are adopted so fast is that some of the necessary software is open source and can be easily downloaded and used at the department or employee level.

Regardless of the reason, Big Data provides great benefits to organizations. Big Data software tools are available for free. In addition, companies may purchase open source codes that meet their specific requirements. If necessary instead of paying for the license.

The variety of open-source vehicles currently on the market is astonishing. We’ll take a look at two of the most popular and innovative areas: Big Data platforms and Big Data calls.


Big Data Platforms

Open Source Big Data Analytics Tools


Open Source Big Data Analytics Tools

Lumify is a relatively new open-source project for merging, analyzing and displaying Big Data. The Web-based interface includes features such as analysis options that expose links within your data, 2D and 3D graphs, all-text multi-dimensional search, dynamic histograms and interactive geographic maps.

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Talend Open Studio


Top 9 Best Open Source Big Data Tools

Talend Open Studio for Big Data allows you to work with Hadoop and NoSQL databases. It includes simple graphical tools and wizards that produce native code to take full advantage of Hadoop’s power.

HPCC Systems

Top 9 Best Open Source Big Data Tools

HPCC Systems Big Data is an alternative to Hadoop for the manipulation, conversion, querying and storage of your data. Thor uses data correction, Roxie data querying / deploying engine and ECL (Enterprise Control Language).

Apache Storm

Top 9 Best Open Source Big Data Tools

Apache Storm allows you to safely process an unlimited data string in a distributed real-time calculation system. It does real-time processing of Hadoop for batch processing.

Apache Drill

Top 9 Best Open Source Big Data Tools

Apache Drill is a SQL query engine used for Big Data review. It is designed to support high performance analysis in semi-structured and rapidly changing data from fully modern Big Data applications. Drill offers instant integration with existing Apache Hive and Apache HBase deployments.

Apache Samoa

Top 9 Best Open Source Big Data Tools

Apache Samoa (Scalable Advanced Massive Online Analysis) is for Big Data flow mining. A scattered ML (machine learning) framework that includes a programming abstraction for dispersed ML algorithms.


Top 9 Best Open Source Big Data Tools

Ikanow is a little different. It claims to be the world’s first unstructured security analysis platform. The free version provides access to unstructured and configured data and features an open, self-supporting platform for searching, data widgets and export.

Custom Big Data Search Tools

Apache Solr

Top 9 Best Open Source Big Data Tools

Apache Solr is highly reliable, scalable, designed to be fault tolerant, scattered index, copy and load balanced querying, automatic load assumption and error recovery, central configuration.

Solr gives search and navigation features to many of the world’s largest websites, and Apache is based on Lucene’s Java-based indexing and search technology.


Top 9 Best Open Source Big Data Tools

Elasticsearch is a scattered and open source search and analysis engine. Designed for scalability, security and easy management. Thanks to the developer-friendly query language used to design structural and non-structural and time-based data, it provides fast search and powerful analysis.

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