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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Big Data

Thanks to digital revolution big data is becoming a valuable product just like the oil in the 20th century. So, But how successful will companies be in understanding big data? and What are the advantages and disadvantages of big data usage? The demand for recent data has risen dramatically. Companies ...

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Why You Should Use Apache Drill?

1. Start in minutes It takes only a few minutes to start working with Apache Drill. Runs a query on your Mac or Windows laptop and untar in a local file. No need to build any infrastructure. No need to define schemas. Just watch the data and practice! 2. JSON model ...

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HPCC Systems: A powerful open source big data analysis platform

HPCC Systems help businesses of all sizes find answers they need by making it easy to process, analyze and understand data. HPCC Systems, resulting from the deep data analytics history of Risk Solutions, provide high-performance, parallel processing and delivery for big data-driven applications. The open-source platform has a software architecture ...

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What is Talend? – Unified Platform for Data Integration

In today’s big data and cloud-centric world, organizations are using enterprise information to become very important. Talend’s open source software integration platform helps you effortlessly transform this data into business analysis. Thanks to this blog Talend, I will give you an introduction to the Talend Open Studio. What Is Talend? ...

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