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What Solutions Can Be Used to Secure Big Data?

Big data security doesn’t mean big headaches In the big data age, an unprecedented amount of data points are produced, providing exciting information, better business decisions and more information that gives customers more value in many ways. To achieve these results, organizations need to address them effectively and quickly, and ...

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HPCC Systems: A powerful open source big data analysis platform

HPCC Systems help businesses of all sizes find answers they need by making it easy to process, analyze and understand data. HPCC Systems, resulting from the deep data analytics history of Risk Solutions, provide high-performance, parallel processing and delivery for big data-driven applications. The open-source platform has a software architecture ...

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Open Source Big Data Analytics and Visualization: Lumify

 Lumify is an open-source big data analysis and visualization tool for people who benefit from 11 million documents, most likely known as Panama Papers. Lumify was developed in the US national security contractor Altamira and the software project’s web site dived deeply to demonstrate the detective capabilities of the terrorist ...

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