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Open Source Big Data Analytics and Visualization: Lumify

 Lumify is an open-source big data analysis and visualization tool for people who benefit from 11 million documents, most likely known as Panama Papers.

Lumify was developed in the US national security contractor Altamira and the software project’s web site dived deeply to demonstrate the detective capabilities of the terrorist organization, al-Qaeda.

The software uses a web interface and combines 2D and 3D graphical visualization, map integration, search and fast, right-click access to the details behind the data elements.

Lumify was developed to explore links and investigate data relationships that the researcher was not sure about what they were looking for.

Lumify has an Open Layers compatible mapping system that can enhance Google Maps appreciation to display an interactive geographic analysis of the data set. Lumify supports multimedia retrieval processes and offers collaboration areas to share with other researchers.

Accelerate the conversion of data with the power of lumify with valuable information.

Mobilable intelligence requires a quick analysis for a large amount of information. The success of the mission depends on the ability to rapidly sort large amounts of data that vary in size, source and format. Intelligence analysts need the right tools to enable them to make fast and informed decisions that are demanded by national security.

Users explore complex relationships through a series of analytical options, such as graphical visualizations, full-text-way search, dynamic histograms, interactive geographic areas, and real-time shared collaborative fields, and explore different relationships in their data. Designed with cloud-based architectures in mind, Lumify comes out of the box in Amazon’s AWS environment and works in cloud environments.

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  • Speed ​​and Scale: Your queries can run as fast as your basic database can support, and input data, flow, complex queries and so on. It allows you to take advantage of your existing data infrastructure.
  • Non-proprietary Data Storage: Lumify sits on standard data platforms and fits your analytic eco-system. Data storage is not proprietary, and Lumify works with your existing data to provide sharing between your analytics tools and systems.
  • Bring Your own Analytics Capability: Lumify’s infrastructure allows you to add new analytical tools that will run in the background to track changes and help analysts sort out complex information. We provide a well-defined API that allows you to map analytics inputs and outputs to object types.
  • Real-time and Secure Collaboration: Analysts can instantly share workplaces with colleagues, control individual access, and perform separate checks based on security classification.

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