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What Solutions Can Be Used to Secure Big Data?

Big data security doesn’t mean big headaches In the big data age, an unprecedented amount of data points are produced, providing exciting information, better business decisions and more information that gives customers more value in many ways. To achieve these results, organizations need to address them effectively and quickly, and ...

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What is IKANOW Cyber Analytics Platform?

IKANOW says its new platform is multi-tenancy, enterprise scalability and fully customizable. A Virginia software developer explained what has been billed today as the first open-source information security analysis tool for managed security services providers (MSSPs) and entrepreneurship. As elsewhere in the technology world, open source tools for managed service providers ...

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Why You Should Use Apache Drill?

1. Start in minutes It takes only a few minutes to start working with Apache Drill. Runs a query on your Mac or Windows laptop and untar in a local file. No need to build any infrastructure. No need to define schemas. Just watch the data and practice! 2. JSON model ...

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Everything You Should Know about Apache Storm

Big Data’s ever-growing growth in production and analytics continues to present new challenges, Apache Storm and data scientists and programmers have been using them with pride to improve their practices. Such a problem was in real-time flow. Real-time data has an extremely high value for businesses, but there is a time ...

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What are database security measures?

Database security is one of the most valuable and safest places in the system. According to the researches, it is seen that the importance given to the security of databases in the world is low. When database security is not provided properly, it jeopardizes financial data, customer information, health records, intellectual ...

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What should be done for Data Security Measures?

Each institution that processes personal data is obliged to ensure data security. The threat on personal data security can be basically divided into intentional and unintentional actions. The measures to be taken should be preventive of all data security violations made either intentionally or unintentionally. An example of intentional violation ...

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